seagullpoopEndangered Feces Act?

Why should industrial businesses be required to measure seagull poop? Thanks in part to the MIC, they aren’t.

The MIC worked with other allies to persuade the State Legislature and the Washington State Department of Ecology to ease up on stormwater controls for fecal coliform.

Read all about it in a copy of the Seattle Industry newsletter available here.

Our work to revise the Endangered Feces Act is just one example where the MIC helped save money and time for members and other industrial companies throughout the region. MIC services include help for individual companies, policy input and networking opportunities with elected officials and key government staff members.

Member contributions are indispensable to these efforts. A membership form is available below along with suggested dues.

Dues for companies with 100 or more employees are determined on a case-by-case basis.

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