Family-Wage Summit June 29

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Danielle Candelaria says it is difficult to overstate the value of learning she could weld. It happened through a high school welding class when she was a sophomore wondering if she would ever get a degree. “A lot of people had given up on me, I wasn’t fitting in. Welding gave me an outlet. Everything I have, I have because of it – a job, friends, a life.”

Today, Candelaria has more than six years of experience as a shipyard and pipeline welder. She’s presently studying to earn certification as a welding inspector. She’s also a compelling advocate for the value of career learning who can be seen in the video here.

On June 29, she’ll also be part of the lineup of guest speakers at the Family Wage Summit, to identify action steps to improve the education, transportation, and regional planning services required to support the region’s industrial job base.

The event will be held 4-6 p.m. in the the Gene J. Colin Education Hall at Building C of the Georgetown Campus of South Seattle College. The event will conclude with a networking reception. Please RSVP to

Scheduled guest speakers include:

• Seattle Port Commissioner Stephanie Bowman, also representing the Northwest Seaport Alliance between Tacoma and Seattle;

• State Rep. Gael Tarleton, founder and chair of the Maritime Manufacturing Task Force of the Washington State Legislature;

• State Senator Christine Rolfes, a key legislative leader on education policy and funding issues;

• State Rep. Judy Clibborn, chair of the House Transportation Committee and a key advocate for the state’s multi-billion dollar transportation funding package, and

• Seattle City Councilmembers Sally Bagshaw and Lorena Gonzalez, who were recently embroiled in the controversy surrounding a proposal for a third SODO sports arena.

Other guest speakers include Maud Daudon, President & CEO of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, and Kate Riley, Editorial Page Editor of the Seattle Times.

Local governments throughout the state are presently engaged in efforts to update public transportation and land-use strategies adopted two decades ago under the Washington State Growth Management Act. Speakers at the Summit will be asked to discuss how they and their colleagues can help fulfill policies to support the industrial job base.

The education panel will include Jene Jones from the League of Education Voters and Shani Watkins, president of the Washington Association of Career and Technical Education Administrators.

Watkins is also director of the West Sound Tech Center in Bremerton, the high school education facility where Danielle Candelaria took up welding. Watkins brings added value to the summit because of her past work to help launch a similar, but smaller, “skills center” career learning program in the Seattle Public Schools.

Watkins will be asked to identify ways the Seattle business community can help support similar career learning opportunities in Seattle.

The Family-Wage Summit is sponsored by the Manufacturing Industrial Council of Seattle, the Washington Maritime Federation, the Puget Sound District Council of the ILWU and a growing list of other business and labor organizations.

Questions? Call Dave Gering at the MIC, 206-762-2470.