Nowhere to Hide

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nowhere-to-hide-photoSODO businesses use to worry about “hide and ride” commuters – a term for those who parked in the industrial area, then commuted into downtown Seattle.  Like the U.S. presidential race, the hide and riders can make us pine for the good old days compared with present homeless issues.

Industrial areas loom large in Seattle as the Mayor and City Council continue their search for safe and sane approaches to homelessness.

Get an update Tuesday, October 25, at 4 p.m. at the next meeting of the Manufacturing Industrial Council.

The meeting will feature a report by Erin Goodman, Executive Director of the SODO Business Improvement Area (BIA). Erin is doing a great job representing the community as city elected officials try to find more successful strategies.

Recent opposition by Seattle residential and commercial areas to options in their communities for more encampments are likely to leave industrial areas offering paths of least resistance.

The meeting is scheduled to last from 3:30-5:30 p.m., with Erin speaking at 4 p.m. The agenda will include updates on the Core Plus education initiative, freight issues and industrial zoning.

The meeting will be held in the Gene J. Colin Education Hall at Building C of the Georgetown Campus of South Seattle College. Use the campus entrance at 6737 Corson Avenue South. Please RSVP to Questions? Call 206-762-2470.