Made up of some of Seattle’s most iconic companies, large and small, the MIC provides fulltime staff support and a team of consultants to provide an influential voice on behalf of our thriving industrial economy.

Industrial businesses face an array of regulations that may be uncommon to other businesses in our green state.  Often presented as the oil guzzling, diminishing workforce, Seattle’s industrial economy provides incredible benefits to not only its employees – but to our entire region.

Access to events, decision makers and early warnings about public policies that may impact your business are among the benefits of MIC membership. Established in 1998, the MIC includes businesses large and small in all industrial sectors. It supports an outreach network that connects with more than 1,000 readers in the private and public sectors.

MIC policy and program decisions are determined by the MIC Executive Committee.

Freight mobility, environmental compliance, regulatory issues and workforce education are cornerstones of the ongoing MIC work plan.