Core Plus: Making It

Students in public school share their experiences with Core Plus, a program that enables students to gain practical knowledge that prepares them for the job world. For these students, new opportunities await and the future looks a little brighter.

SODO Works

SODO District is not just a place to go see ball games. For many people SODO is a place to work, including the longshoreman that represent just a  12,000 people are employed in in SODO’s cargo sector, in addition to another 20,000 people who, indirectly, rely on the sector for their jobs.


Students gain the training they need to start internships with local manufacturing companies. Gaining on-the-job experience as a program intern gives these students the best opportunity for future job placement.


Students that have aptitudes and training in the Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and/or Math are going to be well positioned in the job market. There is going to be great demand for these skills. People working in STEM fields share the wisdom and experience.