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Answered Prayers

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For one Tacoma port commissioner, it was literally a prayer fulfilled when the proposal surfaced to unify Tacoma-Seattle marine cargo operations. To which we say, “Halleujah!” Regional prosperity needs a new shepherd and the new Seaport Alliance could help fill that role. Read more here and learn more at the next meeting of the Manufacturing Industrial Council Tuesday, October 28, 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. in Georgetown. Continue Reading

Drinking Water?!?! Yikes!

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Chlorine helps purify drinking water. But, it violates an Act of Congress to allow chlorinated water to drain into Puget Sound after it rinses a swimmer. That obscure requirement prompted a high-profile closure of the Alki Beach shower in July. The episode could be troubling if your company is subject to similar regulations, but, don’t give up hope yet. Learn more at the September 23 meeting of the MIC and read more at the link that follows. Continue Reading