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Drinking Water?!?! Yikes!

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Chlorine helps purify drinking water. But, it violates an Act of Congress to allow chlorinated water to drain into Puget Sound after it rinses a swimmer. That obscure requirement prompted a high-profile closure of the Alki Beach shower in July. The episode could be troubling if your company is subject to similar regulations, but, don’t give up hope yet. Learn more at the September 23 meeting of the MIC and read more at the link that follows. Continue Reading

Meals on Wheels (along with everything else)

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It’s not just football. September brings another twist to SODO traffic: school lunches. More than 50,000 meals and snacks are trucked out of SODO every weekday, bound for students at schools throughout Seattle. That’s food for thought during Thursday’s kick-off traffic crunch for the Seahawks game and related festivities. Read more at the link that follows and learn more at the September 23 meeting of the Manufacturing Industrial Council, 3:30-5:30 p.m. in Georgetown. Continue Reading