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Raise Hell, Sell Papers

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In 1908, Alden Blethen used the front page of his newspaper to chastise those failing to put up cash to support the Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition. Alden’s motto, “Raise Hell and Sell Newspapers” endures into the digital age under his great grandson Frank Blethen and great, great grandson, Ryan. Read all about it inside Seattle Industry. Continue Reading

Small Businesses – Bigger Voice?

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Nearly 94% of Seattle businesses employ fewer than 10 people each. In fact, on average, they employ just 6.7 workers. Will these small and micro businesses gain a larger voice at City Hall through a district-based system for electing the Seattle City Council? Learn more, meet some city council candidates and hear from Seattle Times publisher Frank Blethen at the Feb. 24 meeting of the Manufacturing Industrial Council. Continue Reading